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Project Description

Renovation and paving of Karaj–Ghazvin expressway, Lot 1

  • Project: Renovation and paving of Karaj – Ghazvin expressway

  • Client: Ministry of Road and Transportation

  • Contract Amount: USD 32.4 million

  • Actual Amount: USD 39.5 million

  • Duration: 36 months

  • Start date: March 2008

  • End date: March 2011


  • Alborz Province

Project Description

One of the main challenges in this project was to keep the traffic safe and going in one of the busiest expressways in Iran, while adhering to the tight schedule of the project, and ensuring a safe environment for everyone involved.
To that end, Navrood set up an effective communication line between the project team and inner-city organizations operating in the area, and put in place a rigorous HSE plan to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.
Moreover, two state-of-the-art asphalt plants were deployed — 200 tons/hr and 160 tons/hr each — to ensure an uninterrupted supply of high quality pavement material, and an extended fleet of modern machinery and equipment were utilized to support the work force.

Scope of Work

  • Asphalt coating and renovation of the expressway
  • Pavement & bridge repairs

Main Figures

• Hot mix asphalt: 976,000 tons
• Guardrail: 40 km
• Concrete pouring: 101,000 m3
• Shotcrete: 10,000 m2
• Bridges: 62 bays


  • As one of the busiest expressways in Iran, the co-ordination and management activities between the project team and inner-city organizations operating in the area has been quite challenging. The company management team is directing this sensitive and complicated work successfully, and as a result, the progress is extremely satisfactory.


To ensure a consistently superior asphalt quality, new asphalt plants equipped with advanced and modern machines and technologies were utilized.