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Project Description

Assaluye roads and highway – Several different road construction projects (4 contracts)

  • Project: Several different road construction projects (4 contracts)
  • Client: Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ)
  • Contract Amount: USD 38 million

  • Location: Assaluye

  • Start date: 2002

  • End date: 2012


  • Assaluye, Iran

Project Description

From the early days of Assaluye’s journey on the path to becoming one of the major economic zones in Iran, Navrood had a prominent presence in its development projects at different sectors.
One such area was the construction of more than 100 km of its urban roads, and over 12 km of its highways, which had a major impact on the efficient transportation of goods and people between the widespread industrial complexes in the area, such a refineries, petrochemical complexes, and all other establishments in the city.
The construction work involved some challenging terrain, such as impassable quagmires – for which special ground stabilization methods such as quick lime were employed – or the mountainous and rugged regions.
During the course of their execution, more than 200 different equipment and machinery were deployed to ensure successful and on-time completion of these strategic projects.
The projects also involved the construction of infrastructures, superstructures, interchange bridges, several big bridges, and buildings.
The commitment of Navrood to the quality of work, to the safe execution of projects, to the protection of the environment, and to their on-time completion earned us several recognitions and awards from the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone.

Scope of work

  • Construction of 100 km of urban roads and 14 km of highway
  • Road embankment, superstructure, asphalt, concrete curb
  • Construction of infrastructures, superstructures, interchange bridge, and buildings

Key Figures

• Urban roads:
– Embankment: 4,000,000 m3
– Concrete pouring: 50,000 m3
– Sub-base & base: 600,000 m3
– Asphalt: 300,000 tons
– Rebar: 1000 tons
– Concrete curb: 150 km
– Bridges: 35 sets
• Highway:
– Embankment: 1,000,000 m3
– Excavation: 4,000,000 m3
– Explosion: 2,000,000 m3
– Rebar: 2,000 tons
– Formwork: 160,000 m2
– Concrete pouring: 100,000 m3
– Bridges: 50 sets
– Asphalt: 150,000 tons


  • This project has had a tremendous impact on facilitation and mobilization of goods and people between the industrial complexes such as refineries and other plants, technical buildings, administrative buildings and all other establishments in Assaluya.


  • Special ground stabilization methods (quick lime) were implemented to prevent construction delays through impassable quagmires.
  • More than 200 different equipment and machineries were utilized.
  • The highway passed through mountainous area.

Several big bridges were constructed.