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Project Description

Civil works, U/G piping, and paving works of Lorestan B1, LLDPE/HDPE Petrochemical Complex

  • Project: Civil works and U/G piping of Lorestan B1, LLDPE/HDPE Petrochemical Complex
  • Client: Lorestan Petrochemical Company
  • Contract Amount: USD 27.2 million

  • Location: Khoramabad, Iran

  • Start date: August 2008

  • End date: November 2012

Project Description

In 2009, Navrood signed a contract to execute the civil works and U/G piping works of Lorestan B1, LLDPE/HDPE Petrochemical Complex.
Considering the tight schedule and the fact that project was on the fast track, Navrood put in place an effective line of communication between the stakeholders to ensure the timely flow of information required for the construction works. Navrood also mobilized its extensive machinery and equipment fleet – including 2 batching plants, 15 truck mixers, 10 cranes, etc. – and its experienced management team and workforce to ensure the timely completion of work.

Key figures

• Excavation: 203,000 m3
• Piling (1.2 m & 1.5 m dia): 6,594 length–meter
• Concrete pouring: 73,000 m3
• Rebar: 9,000 tons
• Formwork: 172,000 m2
• U/G piping: 35,000 inch-dia
• Steel structure (installation): 3,000 tons
• Camps and industrial buildings: 20,000 m2