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Project Description

Construction of Orumiyeh south – north 30 inch gas pipeline

  • Project: Construction of Orumiyeh south – north 30 inch gas pipeline

  • Client: Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company
  • Contract Amount: USD 13.2 million

  • Actual Amount: USD 15.6 million

  • Duration: 18 months

  • Start date: August 2006

  • End date: December 2008


  • Orumiyeh, West Azarbaijan Province, Iran

Project Description

In 2006, Navrood was awarded a contract to construct a 48 km cross-country 30” gas pipeline, from south to north of Orumiye.
The line started at the end of Miyandoab – Orumiye 30” gas pipeline, and was connected to the existing line via hot tapping procedure, and consequently ended in the vicinity of the first gas reduction station in Orumiye, Despite the fact that the pipeline passed through rugged mountainous terrain, valleys, and under some rivers (collectively over 1 km), by implementing a rigorous safety plan and quality control procedure, Navrood managed to deliver the project safe, and in accordance with the highest technical standards. As such, the project was recognized as the superior HSE project by the Iranian National Gas Company and earned Navrood several recognitions and awards.

Scope Description

• Construction of 30” gas pipeline, from south to north of Orumiye, 48 km long.
• Cathodic protection
• Construction of all related facilities such as gas pressure reduction stations, cathodic protection posts, etc.
• Construction of access roads
• Commissioning

Key Figures

• Excavation in rocked terrain: 2,000,000 m3
• Channel construction in rocked terrain: 100,000 m3
• Technical buildings: 2,600 m2
• Pipe-laying under river: 1 km (in total)
• Stations: 3