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Project Description

Engineering, Procurement, and construction of Sistan–Isfahan railway double tracking

  • Project: Double tracking of Sistan–Isfahan railway based on an EPC scheme

  • Client: Islamic Republic of Iran Railways

  • Contract Amount: USD 34 million

  • Location: Sistan–Isfahan, Iran

  • Start date: February 2015

  • Status: Ongoing


In 2015, a consortium consisting of Navrood company, Pasiloo Consulting Engineers, and Iran Khak Consultants, led by Navrood, was awarded a contract for the engineering, procurement, and construction of Sistan – Isfahan double tracking railway project, in order to increase the capacity of the existing track. The new track will be constructed on the vicinity of the existing one, and is de-signed to increase the load bear-ing capacity from 25 tons of axle loads to 30 tons, and to sustain a track speed of 160 km/h.

Considering the fact that the existing track is operational, extra safety measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of passing trains and all other stake-holders.

Scope of work

Engineering and track design, procurement of all related material including rails, concrete sleepers, …, and construction of the track involving sub-base, base, ballast, track laying, etc.

Main Figures

• Track length: 42 km
• Cut: 760,000 m3
• Fill: 620,000 m3
• Rebar: 1,700 tons
• Formwork: 42,000 m2
• Concrete pouring: 33,000 m3
• Piling: 1,347 m-l
• Ballast: 130,000 m3
• Sub-ballast: 75,000 m3
• Concrete sleepers (30 tons): 67,000 pieces
• Turnouts: 18 sets
• Rail: 4,800 tons